Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Digital Studio - Designer Templates

I will be sharing with you the training videos created by Stampin' Up! for My Digital Studio so that you can see how easy MDS2 is to use!

Today's video will show you one (of many!) of my favorite NEW features of MDS2 - Selecting Designer Templates. Sometimes, when I design I like to use templates. They are fully designed - all you do is drop in the pictures and some text and you are ready to print!

In the original MDS I knew I wanted to make a card but wasn't sure what size because it really depended on what templates I had but I didn't always remember what I had. So I would have to start a project by picking the card size and orientation and then see what templates were available. If I didn't like the templates I would have to go back to the next card size and orientation until I found the right template.

NOW in MDS2 I can quickly look at all my templates! Also, Stampin Up has created categories and subcategories - so if I want a card I can look at All Templates or I can look at the specific card size and see what templates are in that size BEFORE I even start my project. LOVE IT!!

Watch this video that shows how easy it is!

To download a free trial of MDS click here and add this item to your online shopping cart. I'm available if you have any questions. 

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