Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scrapbook Layouts GALORE!

I can't believe it has been a month since I posted last. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to it, but after the crazy winter weather, the flu, strep throat, and general life happening it has been hard to keep up!

Apparently I have been spreading out in different rooms of the house and my family have been finding my supplies and putting them in my craft area. In cleaning I found a BUNCH of layouts I made in classes over the last few months (but no pictures yet!) If you saw my facebook page yesterday you saw that I posted pictures of  those layouts. 

Some of these layouts are obviously specific but can still be used for other ideas....

This layout was made using cards from a Project Life kit. The gift card Envelope & Trims Thinlets was used to make a pocket perfect for storing mementos or a journaling tag!

Halloween layout

I love this layout because it is very general purpose - a party, heritage page with grandparents, a page to document current trends or prices of staples like milk, eggs, gas, etc...I can think of so many uses!

This is another general purpose layout. With the #whatagreatmoment stamp from the @So Social stamp set, you can modify this page for any event or person you want!

This was made using a fall leaf motif but what about spring and maple syrup? Where I grew up we had a Maple Syrup festival every March with elephant ears, kettle corn, and of course maple syrup!

This is perfect for a best friend page, to celebrate an achievement, or to document a favorite place/thing/event.

The leaves and colors make this a very fall/autumn page - but we can be thankful for so many things any time of year.

Happy New Year OR top 10 list?

"The Adventure Begins" - the possibilities are really endless!

Easter....or it might be a stretch but it could be a page showing spring on the farm - maybe? 

"You Amaze Me" - You can add pictures on the squares/rectangles and in between! I just love the pops of color from  the butterflies and banners!

Football or Super Bowl Party.....

or flip it and LOTS of other options - day at the petting zoo, mud bogging, dirt bike days, kids playing out side and just getting DIRTY!

Back to school, child writing name for first time, document a story written by someone you love...

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