Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fast & Fun Notes

Monday was back to school day for my daughter. That usually means evaluation of hair cuts and clothes for everyone. First on the list - get her hair  back under control from all the summer fun (aka laziness) she participated in. We noticed that she had a pretty wild knot of matted hair (she has extra tight curly hair that has gotten curlier as she ages) in the back. I tried for a little to work on it, she tried for a little, and then I decided that if I took her in for a hair cut they would be able to get the knot out with some magical hair product. They are supposed to be experts in hair after all!

We went to a quick, no-appointment necessary, kind of place. I didn't see any experts there, but the person assigned to do my daughter's hair was spotting a head of curls herself so maybe she will have that big wealth of knowledge on how to get the "rats" out of my daughter's hair.

Ruthann Montgomery. I got her name off the cosmetology license on her counter. Why? Because even though she possessed no magical powers, nor any knowledge of any miracle product other than a comb she was determined to get her hair free of all knots and rats. There were times she swayed and contemplated cutting her hair, but she really didn't want to. My daughter's hair is a little past her shoulders when you wet it and comb it out and about mid shoulder length when dry and kinky. If she would have had to cut her hair she would have looked like a sandy-blonde Annie - and my daughter was in tears over the idea of that. She cried at the pain inflicted on her and almost gave up, but with encouragement (and a little scolding) from me and Ruthann her hair crossed the finish line of being rat-free! She was instructed repeatedly to brush her hair everyday or it will end up the same and Ruthann said she may not be able to spend as much time on her next time....so for that I say........................Thanks...I needed that!

This stamp retired when the new catalog retired as well as the ribbon (many catalogs ago) but it all worked so well and I'm working hard to get rid of all my older pre-demonstrator paper and ribbon supplies. So even though this image or may not be available (unless you borrow it from me) the layout may provide some inspiration for using with our newer stamps and ribbons, or maybe that old favorite you have in your stash!

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