Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to quickly tell everyone Merry Christmas and share a quick MDS card with you! This year I made my Christmas card with My Digital Studio - and what a time saver! 

This was the inside of the card. It took me more time to find the right pictures than to actually "design" it! When I say design I mean choose which pre-made template I want to use. I chose the premade photo template and then just dragged the pictures in the photo boxes. Then I decided to add the age of the kids at their birthdays this year! I "stamped" the ages and added a shadow and positioned them inside the bleed areas.

My inside was just a Christmas message that I found and added but this is the back of my card. Did you know you can also edit the back? I could have been fancier but thought this would be helpful information to pass along. How many times have you realized you lost someone's contact information and have been too embarrassed to tell them? Now, hopefully that hasn't happened to our friends and family - but just in case....

I sent the card I designed to the Stampin' Up printing service and they were delivered within a week - even in December! Not only is the color a perfect match to Stampin' Up! exclusive colors, but the quality is awesome! The cards come in a heavyweight card stock and an envelope! I added some Basic Rhinestones to the front of the card between the 3 words "Peace Love Joy" and sent them out to my friends and family!

I have had a blessed year and hope your holidays have been special!Tell your loves ones that you love them and give them a big hug! Sometimes the Christmas holiday season is the only time of year you can get together to see your family and friends that don't live close to you. I have a friend that sadly lost her 22-year old son in a car accident this week. I can't imagine what she is going through. I miss the family I haven't yet been able to get together and reminisce with but I know I will see them soon and I try to keep in contact with them via facebook, texting, emails, and even cards!

Merry Christmas!

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