Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stampin' Up Tuesday: Snail Adhesive

Today's spotlight product is SNAIL. SNAIL is a double-sided roll-on type of adhesive which is dispensed in a controlled amount so your hands and work area don't get sticky. Many people ask - why is it called SNAIL? The word SNAIL is actually an acronym for Simple, Neat, Affordable, In-Line!

Features & Benefits
  • Simple, Neat, Affordable, In-Line
  • 39.3 ft (472" or 13.1 yds) of double sided adhesive.
  • About 1/3" wide
  • Great for cards, scrapbooks, or other art projects
  • Keeps fingers and art pieces free from messy glue
  • Refillable!
  • Permanent adhesive creating a strong bond
  • Acid-free

How to Use SNAIL
To use SNAIL adhesive, place the cartridge where you want the adhesive to begin. Roll it slowly (like a snail) along your artwork; when done, lift sideways using a quick check mark action. If you don't roll it slowly you will find that you aren't getting the full width of adhesive. As you continue to use the SNAIL you will learn how to use it to your satisfaction. Believe it or not EVERYONE uses SNAIL differently!

How to refill your SNAIL
You can always tell when it's almost time to refill your SNAIL. First, you can see through the dispenser and see how low it's getting but secondly, it always seems to act funny and get a little bit tougher to roll. It still rolls fine but like driving a car, you can feel when something is different before it's a problem. 

One of the great things about using SNAIL is that it's refillable! This is the easiest roll-on adhesive I have ever had to refill! Simply pinch the little buttons on the top and bottom of the cartridge and pull apart the black plastic from the clear plastic piece. They will look like this:

Then you open your refill package and simply snap the clear plastic on top of the black plastic. It only fits one way so you can't do it wrong! Then it's back to smooth rolling! I love the way a new SNAIL refill feels for the first time!

If you would like to order SNAIL you can shop my online store 24/7 or call or email me with your order or questions about this or any other Stampin' Up! project. You can also click on the images below for more information. 

I am leaving for Salt Lake City, UT today for the Stampin' Up Convention! I will likely have limited posting on my blog but follow my facebook page for exciting updates as I can share them with you!

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