Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

I remember some time last year while browsing the web, looking for inspiration for some awesome projects - I found this post where someone was sharing what was on their workdesk - no holds barred! I loved seeing that there were real people out there LIKE ME who have a messy work area and are willing to share it (and there are some really really NEAT people (not me) who have a clean work area but still have cool projects they are working on). 

I looked at my desk/crafting area this morning and decided TODAY was the day to share! Check it out!

I can't tell you specifically that I'm working on a project but I had just finished a project the night before and another project the day before that and another project a few days before that! I do try to clean up after each project but sometimes I'm in a rush and just work around the mess! When I have to push my keyboard forward to allow some room for my mouse to move around (and I'm afraid something might fall off the other side) - it's time to stop what I'm doing and clean up my work area - unless I still have some room on chairs! Ha Ha Ha!

I don't want anyone to think that it's ALWAYS like this! Of course, if you have been to my classes in my home you have seen the cleaner side of things. If you make a surprise visit, you are likely to happen upon a mess like above! I did manage to clean it up and found my punches and ink were the biggest culprits of hogging table space.

So if you go to the official WOYWW blog there are lots of other work desks being shared and a link to to connect your blog if you want to share with other people, or just snoop around! This is one time it's ok to be nosy!

Now I can get back to crafting! Come back to check out my upcoming projects!


  1. i prefer the messy version, all the better to snoop around. I think messy crafters are happy ones, or maybe i just need an excuse for the state of my desk.
    caroline #73

  2. Wow...you really had a lot of crafting happening on your work desk. You did a great job of cleaning. I wish I could clean mine that well. #114

  3. The first photo looks exciting ....... the second one boring! lol

  4. Looks like you did well cleaning up! Lol...I was wondering why there was a lonely keyboard and mouse without a computer.

    Happy WOYWW!

    Katie 125

  5. Happy Belated WOYWW. That is an amazing transformation! Love your pink mouse. Ali x #34

  6. Welcome to WOYWW! Your desk makes me feel right at home - I'm the same..push back until no room, use ink pad, punch, whatever, and just leave..then a marathon tidying session so that I can find stuff. Your room is fab, and when turned to class room, my word, it looks huge!

  7. Love the before and after. :-)
    April #110