Saturday, July 6, 2013

Karing Card Club

I was Pinterest surfing one day and came across the Karing Card Club. What is the Karing Card Club? Basically, it's a way to support fellow bloggers! The Karing Card Club is hosted by Kreative Creationz, One Tough Mother, and Project Purse Club. Each month you can sign up to be partnered with someone and you send a card to that one person featuring the theme of that month. That's it! No need to make 10+ of a card for a swap - you don't even need to MAKE a card (you can buy one if you prefer)!

I love to send cards in the mail but I also love to receive them! Mixed in with all those important bills and pesky credit card offers, it's so nice to find a beautiful and thoughtful card in your mailbox! I also love the idea of meeting new people outside of my usual meeting spots! Check out what I received:

This month's theme was courage. When I was creating the card I made for my partner (Kirsten Thompson @ One Tough Mother), I was concerned because the first thing that comes to mind when I think of courage is the many men and woman that have served our country and I really didn't have the right supplies available for a patriotic or heroic card.

Then I decided to see how courage is defined:

Definition of COURAGE

: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

Examples of COURAGE

  1. She has the courage to support unpopular causes.
  2. It takes courage to stand up for your rights.
  3. Sometimes when I debate whether to risk my individuality or conform, the memory of my son's picture brings me courage. —Sue Monk Kidd, Reader's Digest, August 1990
I remembered then that everyone can relate to courage - from the baby who takes his first steps, to the child afraid of starting a new school, to the adult fighting for their rights or even facing a terrible tragedy or illness. That is why I love Kirsten's card so much! It doesn't focus on any specific issue regarding courage and lets you know that the most important part of the card is the message you will find inside when you open it up.

I have to admit, I do love the many many layers on this card, and I'm a newbie to the washi tape trend so I love to see different ways to use washi tape. However the message inside was beautiful! Kirsten not only quoted a message from the Bible (Deuteronomy 31:6), but also wrote a message about how awesome it is that people can be courageous during the tough times in their life.

I can't wait to see what next month's theme will be and who I will be partnered with. I love the challenge of creating a card based on a theme other than the usual greeting cards I send. If you would like to join in the Karing Card Club next month watch the Krafty Kreationz website and register. Maybe I will be paired with you next time!


  1. Cute card :) I totally love finding a "real" piece of mail in my mail box and not just bills and junk!

  2. I LOVE my card! Thanks so much for putting so much thought into a unique piece of happy mail :) Glad to have partnered with you this month!